My Dear IELTS Aspirant,

I am glad to find you here. This blog will help you prepare for the IELTS test.This is a kind of a blog ,which I was in dire need with a simple language which non-english students can also understand with ease, while giving my exam.

I hope this blog will make your test a lot easier by providing you with tips, techniques,links and information needed for you.

I will provide you here about the experiences and problems I faced, during my exam preparation, and that will avoid you from not repeating.

English is not my mother tongue to be precise, but i have been studying English medium all my schooling. So,I needed to take the test.

Initially it was a very confusing situation for me to choose the kind of website which i can understand as a non-native speaker, i was searching in dilemma what, where, how, which site to prepare for the test as the ielts material is very vast.

After completing my exam successfully a thought struck my mind with which i have started created this ieltsblogger.net in my free time thinking atleast it would help someone or the other to achieve great bands in their IELTS test.

The whole idea behind this site IELTSBLOGGER is to remind you that you can do it and everyone can, provided following some tips and experiences for improving your English.

Please do leave comments on my posts,pages,request any information needed.And this is an effort from my side to know what you feel about my blog/site.so kindly provide me your valuable suggestions and testimonials,so that i feel happy for what i have created.