The first and must thing is to learn to Skim & Scan the passages quickly.Most of the meanings of the passages are understood in the first two lines and last two lines of the paragraph.(skim and scan the whole passage just in 2 or 3 minutes).

1.Remember that questions are not framed sequentially one by one they may not be in order always and so are the answers.

2.Remember that reading needs much of practice,because most of the aspirants get lower score in reading module when compared to other ones because reading seems easy but not actually.

3.Remember that the questions seems to be very easy but actually they aren’t as you think,because its a testing exam,they are testing us whether can we get the right answers or not.(so try suspecting every question once ,who knows you may end up with right answer).

4.One must read the ending sentence of the paragraph for sure ,it may sometimes contain hints or conclusions of ideas.

5.look for the answers in the form of synonyms and try to underline them quickly.

6.Remember if you are trying to understand or reading full passage then you are making a BIG FOOL OUT OF YOURSELF, just develop speed reading skills and remember you NEED ONLY ANSWERS.

7.Find the keywords in the questions and underline them.Because that keyword helps us in locating answers.

8.The answer you are searching will be in its synonym form mostly,it may not be a direct answer always,because its a test so,cant expect direct answers.

9.Some answers are related to grammar,depends on grammatical correct or incorrect.By practising  your grammar you can ease this step.

10.Improve your vocabulary so that if you find a tough word ,and you don’t know the meaning of it then how would you probably answer it.

11.Practice and practice and practise and practise,on the tougher passages and put time limit while practising ,otherwise everyone can find the answers.

12.Remember its not an exam but “ENGLISH TESTED WITHIN STIPULATED TIME”,always remember this and keep a balance of time and english.

13.Remember if you are not able to answer a question or feels tough then don’t waste time for it and skip and prefer going for the next one real quickly.

14.Understand each type of questions and try to make a very little guess such as the answer would be A NUMBER/A STREET NAME etc ,try to keep your own logic behind every question.

15.Try to concentrate much on YES/NO/NOT GIVEN.practise these kind of questions.

16.Make a habit of reading some novels as a part of preparation.

17.Try to read the questions first rather than reading passage for Answers.

18.It is possible that a single paragraph might contain two answers sometimes.

19.Roundup/Circle all the VERBS / NOUNS / NAMES /YEARS, all NUMBERS, so that while quickly skimming it will become easy for you.

20.Paraphrasing is also important for the exam.It will also be helpful in writing also.

21.Be smart enough but don’t be OVER CONFIDENT at all.It may lead to destruction.

22.Give each paragraph a PERSONAL CODE OR NAME so that while answering you can search with ease.

23.Remember if you are desiring for a higher score/bands then don’t book the test in a hurry,high bands needs atleast 4 months of preparation,remember there should be something much better in you which separates you from the other group of aspirants, see to it.

24.Finally develop time sense ,feel and practise as if you are in the examination hall ,don’t be careless.Be sincere in preparation.

25.follow all the tips which can lead your road to success.